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The Restoration Association is an organization designed to advance the restoration contracting industry as well as promote a standard of professionalism to insurance carriers and the public.

Our Services

Peer-to-peer Insights

Members of TRA gain real-life knowledge of how to provide exceptional service, win jobs and uphold the highest safety standards. 


World class events take place monthly and are all a part of your TRA membership.

Visit our EVENTS page now!


Training opportunities include, Lunch & Learns, Industry Certification's and other discounted programs.


TRA Members are prepared to meet new leaders in the industry. All members are open to learning about new service providers and vendors. Connections are made easy with the TRA App on Spaces by Wix.

On-Line Features

  • Post jobs on our job board.

  • Sell equipment in our online store

  • Exclusive Social Media Groups

  • Connect with members through our app.

  • Receive FIND A PRO leads

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